HOWL037 - Wenonoah 'Something Funny I Ate' - Standard CD Album

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*Standard version of CD. All hand made and numbered by us and Wenonoah*

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It is with great pleasure that we welcome Wenonoah to our ever-branching nest. She is totally unique; raw honesty channeled into pop, both from the chamber and the field. Her songs flow from the inside out. Sometimes dark, sometimes peaceful…sometimes funny but always essential.

‘Something Funny I Ate’, first released last year, is a collection of songs that explore change and desire, transformation and stagnation. Embodiment, survival, asking what divides and what makes one of many.

It is an album swaddled in understated majesty, and as soon as we’d been taken into her world we didn’t want to leave; so we’ve invited her into our own as a thank-you.