HOWL057 - Blood Sport 'Live At Cafe Oto' LP

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“If groups like This Heat created the template for template-destroying music some 40 years ago, then Blood Sport are their contemporary spawn, continuing such annihilation with gleeful abandon and head-spinning flair – creating their own sound, and space, to operate within.”
The Quietus

Blood Sport ‘Live At Café Oto’ is a glorious, dizzy snapshot of a band as equipped to wildly experiment as they are to send seismic snaps of vigour throughout the dance-floor.


1.Everything Solid
2. Melts Into
3. PR: Everything Solid Melts
4. Into PR

The record encapsulates the energy harnessed and harpooned by the Sheffield three piece, whose rousing Blast First Petite released LP ‘Axe Laid To The Root’ was readied for release a few weeks later. Only a twisted version of ‘Floating In Credit’ from that record featured in this set; the rest is a semi-improvised excursion through catapult rhythms, indiscernibly approximate lyrical edicts and elastic, girding guitar.

Forming in 2010, the trio have forged an arresting sound practice from within their city’s industrious art/music community. Their blistering guitar dynamics and pointed-yet-pointillist lyrics meshing into rough-house, techno-gilded polyrhythms, with an untrammelled urgency pervading their tightly wound sound amongst all that surrounds and informs it. This artefact forged on 21st January 2016 bears testament to that.

The live set was performed as part of a two-day residency at Cafe Oto alongside Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor playing on the Moog Sound Lab. As is the rule at Oto - no two sets can be the same, so Blood Sports pent a month developing a performance that could be flexible, improvised and that would specifically use additional instruments - namely a monosynth and tape deck. On the night, the former would be a Moog Lil’ Phatty, sent straight out to an end-of-days guitar amp found in Sheffield’s ‘The Audacious Art Experiment’.

‘Live At Café Oto’ cements the band’s keen conversation with the dance-floor. It is the perfect statement of continued intent from a group whose take on live music is one of continuous propulsion with DJs and live acts seguing into one another in glorious sonic perennity. You can feel the band agitating as they wait for the right moment to merge with DJ and Oto curator Fielding Hope’s final track. And then - bang, they’re off.

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