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After the initial run of 100 flew out in days we thought it would only be right to do another run of this simply phenomenal record.

Not 100% sure when the second pressing will be with us but you can pre-order now.

Marks Of Worship >>>

1.Hello ft. Jacob Samuel
2.Gaz city
3.Fine wine
4.Right here
5.Christmas thirst
6.Babyfather chill
9.Pretty black
10.Marks of worship

Boomkat review >>> "Prepare to have your mind blown by Klein’s otherworldly debut album, Only, making an unforgettable introduction to her fractious, playfully warped mosaics of R&B pop, avant-garde electronics and contemporary, psychedelic gospel soul on Bristol’s Howling Owl Records.

It’s a feast of urbane imagination, coining a naturally complex, nuanced style of collaged composition that feels something like a more modern, London-based example of Matana Roberts’ travelogues hacked up by Mica Levi and D/P/I, or what might happen if Laurel Halo and Dean Blunt made a record together. Then again, all those analogies slide off just as easily as they’re applied; this is some highly distinguished, instinctively original stuff."

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